Our area of Scarborough has many active associations which perform a wide range of functions. Not only do they protect the interests of residents, but they also organize many fun and worthwhile activities. Examples include seniors trips, community picnics and organizing neighbourhood sports.

I work closely with all of the local community associations. I do my best to regularly attend community association’s meetings to more effective in meeting the needs of our community.

If you live in the areas described below, please join one of the associations and support our community. Some groups have included their telephone numbers; for others please send me an email with your information and we'll put you in touch: click here

Cornell Community – Markham and Lawrence  / Community News / Facebook
Area: South of Lawrence, East of Markham

Cedar Ridge Community  / Community News / Facebook
Area: North of the railway tracks, west of Highland Creek.

Curran Hall / Community News / curranhallcommunity.ca / Facebook
Area: south of Ellesmere, east of Scarborough Golf Club Road, west of Highland Creek, north of Lawrence

Guildwood Village / Community News /FacebookGuildwood.ca
Area: south of Kingston Road/CN Rail, west of Morningside Avenue, east of Markham Road

Seven Oaks / Community News / Facebook
Area: north of Ellesmere, east of Highland Creek, west of Morningside, south of Highway 401

Coronation and West Hill Community NewsFacebook
Area: north of Kingston Road, west of Morningside Rd.  south of Morningside Park, east of Galloway Road

Scarborough CentreCommunity NewsFacebook
Area: north of Ellesmere, east of Markham, west of McCowan, south of Highway 401

Bendale / Community NewsFacebook / www.northbendale.org
Area: south of Ellesmere, east of McCowan, West of Bellamy, north of Brimorton

South CedarbraeCommunity News Facebook
Area: south of Greenbrae, north of Eglinton, west of Markham, east of Bellamy

Scarborough Village / Community NewsFacebook
Area: north of Eglinton and Kingston, east of Bellamy, south of the railway tracks

Woburn / Community NewsFacebook
Area: east of Brimley from Lawrence to Ellesmere and Markham from Ellesmere to Highway 401, south of Highway 401, west of Highland Creek from Ellesmere to Highway 401 and Scarborough Golf Club from Lawrence to Ellesmere, north of Lawrence

The Residents Rising Community Association / Community News / thestorefront.org

Mornelle Court All Stars / Community News / Facebook

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