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Area: south of Kingston Road/CN Rail, west of Morningside Avenue, east of Markham Road

Pedestrian Crossing on Guildwood Parkway between Prince Philip Blvd. & Livingston Rd.
Transportation Services has completed their study of what would be the most appropriate pedestrian crossing on Guildwood Parkway and have determined traffic lights on Guildwood Parkway at Rowatson would best address the lack of a safe pedestrian crossing.  Transportation staff will be presenting this item for a public hearing at the meeting of Scarborough Community Council on May 18th, 2023, at 9:30 A.M. 

Guild Park Pollinator Garden 

Guild Park's Pollinator Garden is an initiative of Friends of Guild Park and the Guildwood Butterflyway Project. This project is supported by the City of Toronto through Live Green Toronto and the Pollinate TO grants program. The garden was planted by local volunteers who continue as active stewards!

All-Way Stop Signs at Brinloor Blvd. and Duncombe Blvd.
The stop sign installations were approved at Scarborough Community Council on February 24th.  Transportation will now move forward with their installation. I would like to thank all residents who sent in their comments, with a majority supporting the installation to enhance pedestrian safety. Agenda Item 2023.SC3.12

Parking Regulations on Toynbee Trail- from Livingston Road to the end of school property
I have received a request for changes to parking regulations on Toynbee Trail from Livingston Road to the end of the school property on the north side.  I was informed due to cars parking on both sides of the road during school drop off and pick up there is concerns with vehicles being able to pass through and safety concerns for the children crossing between parked cars. I have asked Transportation staff to put in place necessary measure to protect students. Please reach out to my office at or 416-396-7222 to share your thoughts on this request.

Local Road Repaving
Within the Guildwood Community the following streets are scheduled for repaving for 2023;
Scarborough Golf Club Road (Guildcrest Dr. to Kingston Rd).
Sonneck Square
Residents will receive a pre-construction notice and construction notice with details including a schedule of when the work is to take place.
New Street Furniture:
Guildwood Village will have new litter bins installed at:
- Guildwood Pkwy and Chancery Lane 
- Guildwood Pkwy and Navarre Cres

Furniture features are selected based on requests from the public, Business Improvement Areas, community associations, and other stakeholders. Each request is reviewed by staff to ensure it is feasible according to various placement guidelines, such as the Council-approved Vibrant Streets guidelines.  Requests can be submitted at any time through 311 or my Constituency Office 

More information on Street Furniture can be found here



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