Job Skills Training Centre Needed

July 6, 2017

Dear Ward43 Residents,

I am reaching out to residents to contact Mitzie Hunter M.P.P. to ask for immediate action be taken for a Scarborough East Job Skills Training Centre/Community Hub.  With the school closure of Robert L. Borden BTI at 200 Poplar Road an excellent opportunity to open a Job Skills Training Centre/Community Hub is long overdue.  The province government needs to act now to ensure the site is not sold to a developer.  We need youth employment not 200 – 300 townhouses.

The unemployment rate in Scarborough East stands at 12.7%, in sharp contrast to the City of Toronto’s current unemployment rate of 7.5%.  The Province needs to act now to help Scarborough residents, especially our youth meet their potential by ensuring they have training to find sustainable full-time jobs.

Please contact the Honourable Mitzie Hunter M.P.P. to voice your support and tell her to halt any sale of this property. The priority is to build a Scarborough Job Skills Training Centre/Community Hub. Please Email M.P.P. Hunter at: or call Tel: (416) 281-2787.  Please copy me on your correspondence

The 2011 Census Canada statistics reports that 50% of residents in eastern Scarborough only have a post-secondary education. This further indicates access to better job opportunities are badly needed.  A Job Skills Training Centre/Community Hub would help residents have the services required to see the Neighbourhood Improvement Area designations removed once and for all

All My Best,

Paul W. Ainslie

Canada 150 Fever

Happy Canada Days Ward 43-ers,

There will be a number of events to attend this weekend in the City of Toronto to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Left and right you’ll see signs of Canada 150 celebrations. The addition of a maple leaf to the famous Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square is probably the most obvious of Canada 150 fever.

On a smaller scale, take a look at those famous red coffee cups you’ve been carrying around, Canada 150 fever that’s right. Tim Horton’s Canada 150 coffee cups have been gracing our presence since mid-April as a part of an earlier wave of Canada 150 celebrations.

Across the city there will a handful or events where you, your family and friends can come out a show off you red and white pride. In the eastern end of our city, our home, Scarborough’s annual Canada Day celebration in Thomson Memorial Park will run from 10 am to 4 pm. From 4 pm to 5:30 pm a parade will start west of the Scarborough Civic Centre on Brimley Rd and will end at Lawrence Ave E.

The Scarborough Museum on 1007 Brimley Rd. will be celebrating how Canada has created such a diverse community. Featured programs include traditional and contemporary local crafters, interactive printmaking of Canadian symbols, a pie-eating contest, blacksmith demonstrations, leather working, traditional fiddler-and-caller square dancing and more.

For those longing to submerge themselves in this Canada 150 Fever there will be a four-day festival in Nathan Phillips Square. The festivities will begin this Friday at 5 pm, this four-day music festival will feature the Barenaked Ladies, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ron Sexsmith, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, dvsn and Belly, for more details on show times please visit

Canada Days Celebrations at the Scarborough Civic Centre will take place from 2 pm to 11 pm, with a fireworks finale at 10:55 pm, visit and for more Canada Days celebrations across the City of Toronto check out

I’ll be wearing my read and white pride participating in the parade this Saturday July 1, 2017, west of the Scarborough Civic Centre on Brimley Rd. Hope to see you there!

How will you wear your red and white pride?




Crime Statistics & Open Data – 43 Division in Eastern Toronto

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I would like to touch on a very interesting set of statistics in eastern Toronto which don’t get bragged about, or even pointed out in the media too often.

Toronto Police Services – 43 Division, located in southeastern Scarborough has one of the lowest crime rates not  only in Toronto.  A few years ago a police officer who worked out of 43 Division told me he would put crime stats for 43 Division up against any major city in North America and come out ahead.

The boundaries of 43 Division? The western boundary is Brimley Rd.The northern side is Highway 401. To the east its the Rouge River, and to the south its Lake Ontario

There is good news and bad news when it comes to this announcement…..The good news? If you want to learn about the crime statistics for 43 Division to back this up, you can go to the “Crime Statistics” section of the Toronto Poilce Services website:  Click the “I have read and agree to the qualifiers ” box and away you go.

The bad news… Unfortunately the information provided in charts and graphs.  There is no useable format by what is commonly referred to as “Open Data”

If you go the City of Toronto “Open Data” Portal you will not find any crime statistics either.  Under the “P” you will find links to datasets describing the different police station addresses and their boundaries.

If you have the time and the inclination you can attend the 43 Division Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) which meets on a monthly basis.  Here you can listen and watch a presentation by a police officer who will go over the monthly crime statistics.  (I understand this happens in every Division every month)  Just don’t ask the Toronto Police Service to post them publicly…not in an individual chart or graph….and definitely not in any “open data’ format

You can contrast this to the City of Montreal which launched a crime statitics website using “open data” in September 2016.

Here is a taste of the crime statistics from the 43 Division June 8, 2017 CPLC meeting:

– There is a new Public Safety Response Team, they started May 1st and their office is at 330 Progress.

– They do community engagement that is positive and proactive, working on what is going on in local communities and addressing their concerns.

Crime Stats

1- Collisions and Enforcement

-Hot spots from May have already seen a reduction due to increased enforcement, again mostly in the area of Scarborough Town Centre and Morningside and Kingston/Lawrence intersections

-It was noted that Distracted Driving is slowly overtaking Drunk Driving as the #1 killer in  motor vehicle accidents, and includes eating, drinking, applying make-up, and just touching the phone.

2- Break and Enters

-May stats are down 8% from last year.

-Residential b&e’s are down a lot, non in June so far

3- Robberies

-Up slightly from this time last year

-There were a few incidents around Morningside and Lawrence but have been reduced now due to increased enforcement

4- Auto Thefts

-Up considerably this year compared to last year, but already in May numbers are down significantly

5- 7 Major Crime indicators

-All down since last year.

Community Concerns:

1- A resident complained that motorists are still speeding on Guildwood Parkway, particularly from Guild Inn to Morningside.  He was informed that 43 Division have the Watch Your Speed Trailer is ready and can be installed.  Then the police will analyze the data collected and use it to know when they should be having enforcement go out.

In conclusion, I can’t thank the men and women of the Toronto Police Service stationed in 43 Division for their dedication to keeping my community safe!!

All my Best,


“Do We Have Too Many Parks?”…..

No word of a lie….these .words were stated by one of my colleagues last week during Toronto City Council as we debated the merits and to some….and the crazy idea to others of building a park at Bathurst and Queen!


We also spent part of the same day as the 6th largest government in Canada (who knew?) debating the joys of whether or not a single tree should live or die. On the floor of Toronto City Council. A debate I would have hoped 20 years in to the amalgamated life of the City of Toronto we would have left back on the floor of the appropriate Community Council.

But enough of the tree debate.  Let’s get back to the riveting park needs discussion.

For the entire report you can find it here:

In a nutshell?  A polluted piece of land, just over 2.5 acres in size, in an area considered by the City of Toronto to be “parkland deficient”.

On one side Build Toronto who felt once remediation of the property was done, it could probably be sold for about $50 million an acre.  On the other side Councillor Mike Layton who would like to see the site cleaned up, a clay cap put on it for $5 million, and there you have it a new park!

Build Toronto pegged the clean-up at between $25 -30 million dollars to make it pristine enough to sell.  One developer was interested about 5 years ago and took a pass when they saw the price tag.  There is also the small issue of it having to fit in with the adjacent Fort York National Historic site.

The land is too pricey for condo towers…..and the days of industrial use here are long gone. Although a did think a micro-brewery on the site would be fun? “Lil’ Molson’s”?

And I don’t what many people know about cleaning up contaminated land, but developers would expect the municipal government to clean it up.  Which isn’t going to happen.

Another little ditty for people….Toronto City Council is divided up in to four community Councils.  Each Community Council district has a reserve fund (like a bank account) for the sole purpose of buying parkland.  It can be used for no other reason than buying parkland.  When the City of Toronto receives monies from development charges, a certain percentage from each application goes to the Parkland Acquisition Account.

The building boom in Toronto has ensured land in the downtown core is no longer cheap….or available.  You won’t find 2 acres of empty land for sale anywhere.

So, when you look at all the dynamics and what can be achieved by remediation of the 2 acres of property at Bathurst Street and Lakeshore Boulevard using the Parkland Acquisition Reserve Account to purchase the site made perfect sense. And the majority of City Councillors, including myself  thought so too..  Park land approved….on to the Great Tree Debate!

And to answer my colleague’s question: “Do we have too many parks in Toronto?” The answer….”No” (In case you were wondering? There are 1, 600 parks in the City of Toronto!!)

All my Best,


Council Defers Privatizing Our Garbage Collection in Scarborough

Dear Neighbour,

This past week Toronto City Council debated the concept of contracting out our garbage collection in Scarborough.

The result of the debate had Mayor Tory moving a motion for the entire process to be reviewed by senior City of Toronto management, in consultation with CUPE Local416, who represent the City’s outside workers. The report will be brought back to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. This report has to include information on “options to continue to improve public sector waste collection service performance across the City”.

I supported Mayor Tory’s motion which will give the matter greater consultation with residents, and gives direction to focus on service deliver which works best for all of us. . .

Our unified voices to not support the privatization were heard loud and clear resulting in the matter being deferred to collect more information. In the past week I have heard from well over 1, 500 residents from across Ward 43. The vast majority do not support the privatization of waste collection in Scarborough.

The next steps include additional consultation with CUPE representatives on service performance, an overview of both currently contracted waste services and public sector service delivery, review of options for future waste collection service; an analysis of the Waste-Free Ontario Act and how that relates to curbside collection, a review of contract lengths private waste collection providers in other municipalities; of diversion rates and updated performance data and financial metrics, including cost per stop and cost per tonne. I would like to thank you for contacting me and providing your feedback. Your communication was instrumental in my decision to not support contracting out.

The complete Motion moved by Mayor Tory is to be found here:

1. City Council refer the Item to the General Manager, Solid Waste Management Services and direct the
General Manager, in consultation with the Executive Director of Human Resources and the Director, Employee and Labour Relations, to report to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, having regard to the term of the current Collective Agreement with CUPE Local 416 regarding:

– The results of additional consultation with CUPE representatives with respect to options to continue to improve public sector waste collection service performance across the City;
– an overview of a comprehensive management program to be implemented in the Solid Waste Management Services Division as it relates to oversight of all currently contracted waste services as well as public sector service delivery;
– A review of options for future waste collection service, having regard to the current collective agreement with CUPE Local 416;
– An analysis of the Waste-Free Ontario Act and potential implications on future curbside waste collection service provision in the City;
– A review of contract lengths with private waste collection providers in other municipalities;
– An analysis of the long-term cost implications of diversion rates and the comparison within each district;
– Updated performance data and financial metrics, including cost/stop and cost/tonne within each district; and
– include funds in the 2017 Capital Budget and provide authority for the immediate purchase of vehicles as required and assessed by the General Manager, Solid Waste Management Services.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other matter. Please contact me at any time.


Paul W. Ainslie
City Councillor, Ward 43
Scarborough East