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Your community association needs your help. Uunfortunately the previous editor has had to resign the position. If you know anyone who may be interested, please contact the previous editor at or contact the .

Normally at this time we include a membership form in our newsletter to remind those who have not renewed their current membership for the year starting April 2017 - March 2018. This membership form can be found at your association's website www.coronationca.comThe membership fees are just $10 per household per year.

Your current executives will continue to serve the community association for as long as they can but we are desperately seeking new faces to take over some of the executive positions. Please contact the president at

Falaise Road
Winter road maintenance on Falaise Drive is going to be increased by adding an additional volume of road salt and sanding.  Residents have reached out to my office requesting additional winter maintenance. With the lack of sidewalks, and a large number of residents including students from West Hill Collegiate walking on the roadway due to a lack of sidewalks, it's becoming hazardous. 

City Street Furniture Installation in the Community
The City will be installing a bench at the Northwest Side of Lawrence Ave. E. and Overture Rd.
As well as bus shelters at several locations:
1. North/West Side of Kingston Rd. and Falaise Rd.
2. North/East Side of Kingston Rd. and Galloway Rd.
3. South/West Side of Lawrence Ave E. and Morningside Ave.

If there are other locations where you would like to see bus shelters, garbage bins, or benches please let me know.

Upcoming Sewer Rehabilitation Work in Ward 43
Construction Area: Kingston Road from 4384 Kingston Road to Lawrence Avenue East Construction Window: January 22, 2018 – February 16, 2018.

The rehabilitation of the nearby sewer main involves flushing the sewer with high pressure water to remove any debris, and installing a structural liner which will adhere to the existing pipe to form a new pipe lining. Access to the sewer is made through maintenance holes on the street. In most cases, excavation is not required. See full construction notice here.

85 Galloway Road. Property beside CNR at the Ontario Municipal Board
During the September meeting of Scarborough Community Council I requested that City legal attend the OMB Second Pre-Hearing - on November 22, 2017 to oppose the application put forward by the owners of 85 Galloway Road. The matter has now been put over for another pre-hearing scheduled for Monday, October 1, 2018. City legal attend to represent our position.

If you would like to attend the hearing and make a presentation, or send in comments please contact the OMB Case Coordinator: Agenda link

  • By emailing to:
  • By telephoning: Toronto 416-212-6349 or Toll Free 1-866-448-2248
  • By faxing to: Toronto 416-326-5370
  • TTY: 1-800-855-1155 via Bell relay

Morningside Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation and Road Resurfacing
Work on the bridge is at a standstill from the City side of things.  While the east side has been completed, work on the west side is awaiting Bell Canada.  They were supposed to move wiring and cabling owned by them from under the west side by July 2017.  As work was about to begin this month Bell notified our Transportation staff this work had in fact not been done.  I asked staff why they had not checked on the work, and I was informed we have no legal authority to enter in to Bell Canada vaults which are located under the road and bridge. The completion date for the entire project is marked for Spring 2018.  Thank you to everyone for their patience.  I have asked the City Legal Department and Transportation staff to look at our legal options to recover the costs associated with the delay in construction from Bell Canada.

Morningside and Kingston Road - Southbound Travel

A request for an "advance turn" from Morningside onto eastbound Kingston Road for southbound motorists has been made.  Transportation Services have completed a review and will be implementing a southbound afternoon peak period traffic control feature.  I will keep residents advised of the installation timeframe when they become available.

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