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Dear Ward 43 Neighbours,

This month at Executive Committee the proposed subway station construction at the Scarborough Town Centre was reviewed. The project budget has gone from last year's $2 Billion projectto the current estimate of $3.5 billion….and climbing.  I continue to stand by my decision not to support this project as the initial and escalating costs do not reflect a good investment for public transit for Scarborough.

The funds should be used to create a network of public transit which reaches into our communities to truly address our urgent transit needs. The increasing costs of the Scarborough subway extension is jeopardizing public transit in Scarborough East.

Most recently as a result of the increase in costing for the Scarborough Town Centre project, the TTC notified me that they would not be approving our Ward 43 community bus project.  I along with many residents have been advocating for a community bus where the TTC approved a route over 5 years ago. TTC CEO Andy Byford advised that a community bus could not be introduced as this time noting the TTC faces a very tough financial challenges preventing new additional services for now, but will keep the request under active review.  I am disappointed with this development.

With the cost of the subway station increasing, it pulls monies away from the Eglinton East LRT.  A project which will bring transit and much needed development along Kingston Road, Lawrence Avenue East and Morningside Avenue where it is urgently needed and to residents in our area who live in one of four designated Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

I understand why Scarborough Centre wants the Scarborough Subway, but the cost of this one stop subway into their community far exceeds the benefits to the entire community of Scarborough which is starved for public transit.

I have tried to illustrate why the LRT should be built instead of the subway but have been quickly shot down by all my Scarborough colleagues and a number of MPPs as "not wanting to get Scarborough what it deserves."  All of Scarborough deserves better public transit.  This subway station is not it. 

I encourage everyone to please to email Mayor John Tory and advise him an 18 stop LRT better serves Scarborough. Please copy me on your emails



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Please find below a link to the presentation from the Public Open House Meeting held on November 29, 2016 about the Arts Programming Consultations at Guild Park and Gardens

To view the meeting's presentation Click Here

To view the Consultation Report Click Here

The deadline for Mandatory Downspout Disconnection was December 3, 2016. However residents do have a time to make the change and need to call 311 for information.  Information packages were also sent to homes across the City where it explains that residents may apply for an exemption if needed and may ask for additional time to make the change.

At this time Toronto Water is still educating residents on the benefits.  If a complaint is called into the City on an address that has not made the change, the resident will be provided with additional information and provided time to comply.   The city would only visit a property on a complaint basis.

Property owners who believe that disconnecting their downspouts is not technically feasible or could cause a safety hazard can apply to the City for an exemption.  Exemptions/Applications are here, If you have any questions about this issue, please call 311 or email
All the information regarding Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Program can be found by clicking here

Please call 311 or our office 416-396-7222 directly if you require further assistance.

Potentially misleading communications:

Toronto Water has received reports that at least one independent contractor may be distributing potentially misleading communications (such as flyers and notices placed on door knobs) that appear to be designed to look like they are communications from the City about its mandatory downspout disconnection program. The City is not sending out any mass communications, such as flyers or door knockers entitled “Notice” or “Final Notice”, to residents about mandatory downspout disconnection.

The City is investigating these incidents and will take appropriate action.  The City of Toronto does not endorse, recommend, or partner with any private company to either carry out downspout disconnections or enforce mandatory downspout disconnection. Only City bylaw officers are authorized to identify a property for non-compliance with a City bylaw.


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