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April 27, 2015

Toronto Medical Officer of Health Recommends Harmonizing  
Swimming Pool Bylaw Across the City of Toronto

TORONTO – Today Toronto's Board of Health Committee unanimously adopted a motion put forward by Toronto City Council Paul Ainslie to harmonize former City of Scarborough By-law No. 23204. The matter will be considered by Toronto City Council on May 5, 2015.

On March 9, 2015, Councillor Paul Ainslie through the Board of Health requested the Medical Officer of Health repeal Scarborough By-law 23204 requiring residential rental building owners to provide lifeguards for pools located in buildings with residents younger than 16 years of age. This would allow Scarborough to adopt the same rules administered across the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario.  

"Residential buildings are now one step closer to having the same options available to them across all of the City of Toronto.  The outdated bylaw has been cost prohibitive and has led to the reduction of pool hours and in some cases the closure of swimming pools in privately owned residential buildings.  Property management have been faced with a difficult dilemma, either forego morning pool activities for seniors or after school pool hours for younger residents as the cost for a full-time lifeguard has not been financial affordable." commented Councillor Paul Ainslie. 

The Board of Health Report states that Toronto Public Health (TPH) has been unable to determine the reason for the stricter requirement in the By-law when it was proposed. This creates an inconsistent regulatory environment across the City of Toronto for which there is no readily apparent justification. Repealing the By-law would bring all public pools in the City of Toronto under the authority of the Regulation making requirements for public pools consistent across the City.

Ontario Regulation 565/90(Public Pools) under the Health Protection and Promotion Act for class B swimming pools states that either a lifeguard be on duty in privately owned residential rental buildings or that notices be posted stating that the pool is unsupervised and is to be used at one's own risk. Scarborough By-law No. 23204 made it mandatory for lifeguards to be on duty.

The matter will be considered by Toronto City Council on May 5, 2015, if supported Scarborough will have in place the same regulation for public pools consistent across the City.

The agenda item may be viewed at:

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April 23, 2015 

Banning of Microbeads Supported at Toronto Executive Committee
TORONTO - Yesterday the City of Toronto's Executive Committee unanimously adopted a motion put forward by Toronto City Council Paul Ainslie to support the banning of microbeads. The matter will be considered by Toronto City Council on May 5, 2015.

The main thrust of the motion asks Toronto City Council to request the Government of Canada, as well as the Province of Ontario to establish legislation prohibiting the use of microbeads in personal care products.

Microbeads are tiny particles of plastic often found in personal care products. Most commonly made from polyethylene, which is the same type of plastic used to make plastic shopping bags, milk crates and trash bins.  Microbeads are very tiny in size, bypassing most screening systems in filtration sewage treatment plants. They enter directly into Lake Ontario, floating just below the surface of the water becoming food for fish and birds. Simply put they cause serious detrimental harm to our environment.

"Currently there is a failure to recognize the negative effects of microbeads as they enter the food chain, ultimately causing dangerous health effects in humans, wildlife and our water system. It would be irresponsible for governments not to address this issue." stated Councillor Paul Ainslie.

A 2013 study found a concentration of 1.1 million plastic microbeads per square kilometre in Lake Ontario. This is a severe contamination of one of our major water sources. Large quantities of microbeads have also been found in the St. Lawrence River. The banning of microbeads is spreading in American states, banned most recently in Illinois and Michigan.  In our country, the Government of Canada has directed Environment Canada to study the dangers microbeads have on wildlife and the environment. Provincially, Marie-France Lalonde M.P.P. (Ottawa-Orleans) is putting forward a Private Members' Bill for a similar study to be done.

"I want to ensure other levels of government, including municipalities across Canada recognizes the City of Toronto views the hazard to our environment caused by microbeads." added Councillor Paul Ainslie.   

With the posting of the Executive Committee agenda item to ban microbeads on the City of Toronto website, a petition with over 22,000 signatures was made available to Councillor Paul Ainslie by the organization  The petition presented to Environment Canada and the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Environment for the Government of Canada is entitled "Protect Our Waters: Enforce a Ban on Plastic Microbeads"

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As Chair of the Government Management Committee we have approved
$373 million in Tax Savings since 2010

  • Services Benefit Cards annual savings of $6.2 million (62 million over 10 yrs)
  • Sole Source contracts reduced at a savings of $22.5 million
  • Core Service Review implementations for service delivery $25 million in savings
  • New Collective Agreement, full and part-time workers $150 million in savings over next 4yrs.
  • Eliminated paper news clippings, switched to electronic $170,000 saved
  • Eliminated paper pay stubs savings of $300 to be fully implemented by December 2014


  • Online posting of all Purchasing Card (PCard) transactions. Adopted by CC in April 2011, Transactions for all City Divisions on the cities open data page. 
  • Open Government Committee has been formed of all the ABC's to focus on how all the divisions can move forward to strive for Open Government to best serve the residents.
  • Pod Casts have been in place for over one year. Social Media has been enabled to reach the residents of Toronto on meetings, important Issues, committee & volunteer opportunities.  This tool is keeping our residents up to date on the goings on at City Hall.
  • Idea Market launched in 2011. Front-line employees participate advancing City Divisions to reach the City's priorities.
  • Civic Engagement, Council votes and attendance records, along with City agendas, now recorded and online, More public consultations in 2011/2012 budget process

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